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Sloped Writing Board

€55 Euro

Helpful for
-children with low muscle tone, DCD and related conditions, delay in fine and gross motor skills, muscular or neuromuscular conditions
- any child or adult with poor posture or pencil grip.
- Useful in the classroom or at home.

How it helps :
- assists a child with low muscle tone or poor posture to maintain an upright sitting position.
- changes wrist angle to allow hand, arm and wrist to line up together.
- helps with copying from the blackboard by lessening head movement while looking up and down between paper and blackboard.
- also a very effective stand for laptop computers

Durable lacquered birch plywood
Wooden lip to hold book in place
Non-slip feet on base
Dimensions- 43cm x 33cm
Slope angle– 20 degrees

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