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CL 04 The Morbegs – Molly Clearance €10
CL 05 The Morbegs - Rossa Clearance €10
Cl 07 Dressing Frame - Bow Tying Clearance €10
CL 09 Keyrings - pack of 25 Clearance €2.5
Cl 10 Christmas Candle Holder Clearance €5
Cl 12 Language Line Guides Clearance €5
Cl 13 The Holy Land Clearance €15
Cl 14 Who Am I Clearance €15
Cl 16 Dressing Frame - Press Button (hidden) Clearance €10
Cl 17 Dressing Frame - Safety Pin Clearance €10
Cl 18 Postman Jigsaw Clearance €5
Cl 18 3 Puzzle Cabinet, clearance Clearance €20
Cl 20 Pencil Holder - Black Clearance €5
Cl 22 Pencil Holder - Brown Clearance €5
Cl 24 Wooden Box Clearance €10
CL25 Cutout Number and Number Boards Clearance €30
CL26 Golden Bead Hanger - Tens Clearance €35
CL27 Golden Bead Hanger - Teens Clearance €45
CL31 Compartment Box Clearance €20
CL32 Apple Bite Jigsaw Clearance €7
CL33 Cabinet and 3 Puzzles Clearance €35
CL35 Spindles Clearance €5
CL36 Plant Jigsaw Clearance €7
CL39 Zoo Puzzle Clearance €7
CL40 City Puzzle Clearance €7
CL41 Farmyard Puzzle Clearance €7
CL42 Counters (Yellow) Clearance €5
CL43 Counters (Blue) Clearance €5
CL44 Counters (Red) Clearance €5
CL45 Counters - White Clearance €5
CL46 Airport Jigsaw Clearance €7
CL46 Display Box Clearance €20
CL47 Postman, Fireman and Nurse Jigsaw Bundle Clearance €10
CL48 Cabinet with Drawer Clearance €20
CL54 Solar Orbits Clearance €25
CL55 Mini Clothes Line Clearance €15
DN001 Intro To Decimal Symbol Mathematics €10
G01 Montessori Map of Ireland Geography €75
G02 Montessori Map of Europe Geography OUT OF STOCK
G03 Montessori Map of World Geography OUT OF STOCK
G09 Solar System Geography €55
G10 Cabinet for Four Maps. Geography €85
G21 Mini Geography Cabinet Geography €170
G31 Jigsaw Map of Ireland Geography €20
G32 Jigsaw Map of Europe Geography €20
G33 Jigsaw Map of the World Geography €25
G34 Jigsaw Map of England and Wales Geography €20
G35 Jigsaw - map of Scotland Geography €20
G36 Ireland Jigsaw as Gaelige Geography €23
G51 Land Forms Set Geography €210
GA 36 Tetris Style Puzzle Games €5
GA01 Traditional Irish Ringboard - Small Size Games €25
GA01b Set of Six Rings Games €23
GA02 Traditional Irish Ringboard - Full Size Games €43
GA02a Ringboard Crafting Kit (Full Size) Games €26
GA02b Traditional Irish Ringboard, Championship Board. Games €60
GA03 Championship Ringboard Games €80
GA04 Junior Ringboard Games €25
GA05b Bingo! Maths Games €25
GA10 Dealee Game. Games €99
GA24 Carrom Board. Games €100
GA35 Tetris Style Chessboard Puzzle Games €15
L701 The Weather Chart Language €60
L703 Insets For Design Cabinet Language €175
L703E Inset Tracing Tray Language €20
L703F Holder for Inset for Design Paper Language €15
L704 Farm Language OUT OF STOCK
L715 Holder for 3 pencils. Language €3
L717 Alphabet Jigsaw Language €11
M00 Numbers Puzzle Mathematics €15
M000 Large Numbers Puzzle 1-5 Mathematics €25
M001 Numbers 1-9000 Large [on wood] Mathematics €25
M001a Large Number Cards 1-9000 Laminated Mathematics €30
M002 Numbers 1-9000 Small [on wood] Mathematics €20
M002a Small Number Cards 1-9000 Laminated Mathematics €25
M003 Sand Numbers (on wood) Mathematics €30
M005 Adding Board Mathematics €25
M006 Cut-out Numbers and Counters Mathematics €25
M006A Cut Out Numerals and Counters Clearance €10
M007 Number Boards and Counters Mathematics €25
M008 Printed Numerals In Box Mathematics €12
M06a Numbers for Small Numeric Rods Mathematics €5
M08-1 Seguin Boards - Teen Boards Mathematics OUT OF STOCK
M08-2 Seguin Boards - Tens Boards Mathematics €30
M08-A Teen Bead Box Mathematics €14
M08-B Tens Bead Box Mathematics €14
M09 Spindle Boxes and Spindles Mathematics €30
M10 Addition Strip Board Mathematics €20
M11 Subtraction Strip Board Mathematics €20
M12 Multiplication Board Set Mathematics €20
M13 Division Board Set Mathematics €20
M14-A Introduction To Decimal Quantity Mathematics €60
M14-B Introduction to Decimal Symbol Mathematics €12
M16 Golden Bead Cube of 1000 Mathematics €55
M17 9 Golden Bead Squares of 100 Mathematics €45
M18 9 Golden Bead Bars of 10 Mathematics €5
M19 9 Golden Bead Units Mathematics €2
M20A Introduction To Decimal System Mathematics €110
M23 45 Golden Bead Bars Mathematics €25
M24 45 Golden Bead Units Mathematics €7
M25B Golden Bead Material Beads etc. Clearance €190
M26 Addition Snake Game Mathematics €35
M26-B Subtraction Snake Game Mathematics €40
M27-F Coloured Bead Stairs Mathematics €40
M53 100 Board Clearance €25
M60 Stamp Game Mathematics €30
M61 Numerals And Signs Mathematics €95
N01 Bird, Nature Inset Puzzle Nature/General €15
N02 Tree, Nature Inset Puzzle Nature/General €15
N03 Flower, Nature Inset Puzzle Nature/General €15
N04 Rabbit, Nature Inset Puzzle Nature/General €15
N05 Fish, Nature Inset Puzzle Nature/General €15
N06 Frog, Nature Inset Puzzle Nature/General €15
N07 Cow, Nature Inset Puzzle Nature/General €15
N08 Leaf, Nature Inset Puzzle Nature/General €15
N09 Insect, Nature Inset Puzzle Nature/General €15
N10 Snail, Nature Inset Puzzle Nature/General €15
N11 Tortoise, Nature Inset Puzzle Nature/General €15
N12 Mushroom, Nature Inset Puzzle Nature/General €15
N13(a) 3 Puzzle Cabinet. Nature/General €25
N13(b) 5 Puzzle Cabinet Nature/General €30
N20 Cabinet of Leaf Shapes Nature/General €60
N30 Cabinet of Raised Puzzles Nature/General €55
N31 Apple Jigsaw - Large Knob Nature/General €11
N32 Two Geo Shapes with wooden knobs Nature/General €12
N33 Three Geo Shapes with wooden knobs Nature/General €13
N34 Pair of Shoes with wooden knobs Nature/General €11
N35 Ladybirds with wooden knobs Nature/General €11
N36 Fruit Jigsaw- Wooden Knobs. Nature/General €15
N37 Large Numbers Puzzle 1-5 with large knobs Nature/General €25
N38 Elephant Jigsaw Nature/General €5
N39 Teddy Bear Jigsaw Nature/General €5
N41 Train Single Line Jigsaw Nature/General €6
N42 Farm - Single Line Jigsaw Nature/General €6
N43 Pets - Single Line Jigsaw Nature/General €6
N44 Vehicles - Single Line Jigsaw Nature/General €6
N45 Hospital - Table Top Jigsaw Nature/General €8
N46 Tractor and Trailer- Table Top Jigsaw Nature/General €8
N48 Numbers Table Top Jigsaw Nature/General €8
N49 Baby Dinosaurs- Table Top Jigsaw Nature/General €8
N50 Puppy, Teddy and Duck Jigsaw Set Nature/General €12
N61 Travellers Jigsaw - Caravan Nature/General €15
N62 Traveller Jigsaw - Horse Nature/General €15
N63 Traveller Life - Tin Smith Jigsaw Nature/General €9
N64 Traveller Life - Horse Fair Jigsaw Nature/General €9
N65 Traveller Life - Clothes Line Jigsaw Nature/General €9
N66 Traveller Life - Winnie Nature/General €9
N67 Traveller Girl with Toys Nature/General €9
N68 Traveller Family Nature/General €9
N69 Romany Storyteller Jigsaw Nature/General €9
N70 Romany Dancers Nature/General €9
N71 Diversity Kids Jigsaw Nature/General €9
N72 Boy with Train Set Nature/General €9
N73 Boy with Doll Nature/General €9
N74 Sarah Jigsaw Nature/General €9
N75 Diversity Kids, Painting Jigsaw Nature/General €15
N76 Diversity Kids, Playing Jigsaw Nature/General €15
N80 Four Seasons Nature/General €35
S01 Cylinder Blocks set of 4 Sensorial OUT OF STOCK
S02 Pink Tower Sensorial OUT OF STOCK
S02-C Stand For Tower Sensorial €10
S03 Broad Stair Sensorial OUT OF STOCK
S03A Box with Prisms For Broad Stair Sensorial €25
S09 First Box Colour Tablets Sensorial €15
S19 Demonstration Tray Sensorial €40
S19-A Cards for Demonstration Tray Sensorial €12
S20 Cards for Geometric Cabinet Sensorial €25
S22 Box For Geometric Cards Sensorial €15
S23 Blindfold Sensorial €5
S24 Constructive Triangles. Sensorial €60
T05 Sloped Writing Board Physio Aids €55
T05c Footstool (Lower) Physio Aids €35
T05d Footstool (Medium) Physio Aids €40
T05e Footstool (Higher) Physio Aids €45
T15 Irish Christmas Elf Door Clearance €10
T19 Fairy Door Red Clearance €10
T20 Fairy Door Blue Clearance €10
T23 Leprechaun Door Clearance €10
T25 Painting Puzzle: Flower Lisheen Products €5
T26 Painting Puzzle: Bear and Balloon Lisheen Products €5

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