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Golden Bead Cube of 1000

€55 Euro

The fourth unit in the Golden Bead Material.

This helps the child understand the decimal system by showing that after nine a new category or power of ten is shared.

Single beads are called a unit. Place nine units one under the other on the table. When nine is reached, explain if there were one more unit it would make ten, so put out a ten bar and take away the nine units. Count the ten bead bars- one ten, two tens... etc., putting them side by side as if you were making a square. When nine bars are out replace them with a hundred square and put the ten bead bars away. Count the hundred squares with the child one by one, placing them on top of each other as if making a thousand cube. When all nine have been counted explain if there were one more it would make ten hundreds and ten hundreds are one thousand, and so on.

Purpose: To give the children practice in associating the names of the powers of ten with the quantities. To help the children understand the decimal system.

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